DFK Asia Pacific Annual Conference 2011 in Bali Indonesia, 2 to 5 November 2011

Anwar & Rekan act as host of the annual event DFK International - Asia Pacific Conference 2011 at Conrad Hotel, Tanjung Benoa - Bali, on 2 to 5 November 2011. The event had attended by 100 people who are members of DFK International from countries in Asia Pacific (Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Japan, China, Korea, India, Hong Kong, Australia and New Zealand) as well as several delegates from the United States, Britain and Belgium. Through the conference, Anwar & Rekan introduce potential business ooportunities in Indonesia, describe the business, taxation and reporting environment as well as the development of Indonesian capital market. The fast growth of certain business sectors and the caputal market in Indoensiaa will expand the opportunities of DFK International services in Indonesia.