Our Strengths

The members of our senior management are from various high reputable and big public accounting and financial consulting firm. We have high expertise and experienced in our industry and well-trained people, assets that are necessary in delivering high quality services professionally and with integrity to our clients in various industries.

We also registered as public accounting firm in several regulatory bodies such as Capital Market and Financial Institutions Supervisory Agency of Indonesia, the Indonesian Central Bank and also in the United States Public Company Accounting Oversight Board. These registrations enable us to provide services to our clients which are engage in industries under those regulatory bodies.

Our People

Begin your career as an Auditor to open your horizon of the science of accounting, auditing and finance world.


Development. Our development structure is combined on the job training, classroom training, coaching and mentoring to enhance your competence as well as leadership. Our development program provides some program for instance weekly knowledge sharing, core audit training, industry update training, regulation update training as well as professional excellence program for all auditor in accordance with its level. We also work along with some expertise speakers for specific topic whereas you are able to absorb their knowledge and experiences.


Career Ladder. Our structured career ladder is established for each individual who wants to pursue as part of our success to continue for growing and developing. We open as wide as possible for someone who wants to occupy career as partner. Everyone has an opportunity and space to demonstrate their competency and professionalism through the best performance on each engagement.



Our Teamwork and Working Environment

Our work promote teamwork in every assignment that is supported by conducive working environment to always share knowledge, there is no limitation in the discussion between Junior and Partner, even with our colleague such as legal, financial, taxation as well as actuarial experts to deliver value services to our clients. Our Technical Advisors continuosly support and guide you to change “the problem to be the solution”, whereas to maintain high quality services.



Explore your strength and potential to growth with us.